Fit In The Six Meets Sasha Fierce

I’ve been talking about it for months. No wait, make that years. I had been talking the talk, but not actually walking the walk. And finally, I just had to commit.

It was time, ladies and gentleman…time to learn how to dance like Beyonce!

Now let me just preface this by saying that my dance history – which begins at the age of 2 in a jazz class/playtime and ends as an uncoordinated eleven-year-old desperately trying to learn the steps of the Highland Fling – it minimal, at best. As someone who’s more into team sports than individual performances, I was never one for the dancing spotlight.

More specifically, the spotlight wasn’t one for my limited dance moves (sprinkler & YMCA, anyone?)

That was until I learned about Beyography.

Beyography is a two-hour dance class that teaches you choreography to some of your favourite Beyonce songs – something I didn’t know was my ultimate dream until that moment. Even though I new I was hopelessly, rhythmically-challenged, I knew I simply had to try it!

So, after talking about it for what seemed forever, I finally recruited a partner in crime, my friend Sam, and set off to the studio to learn choreography to “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child.

Vintage ‘yonce… love it!

This class had it all – an enthusiastic and fun instructor (check!), bootylicious dance moves (check!) and all the hair flipping a girl could dream of (check, check, check!) The two-hour class flew by and by the end, I felt like I was ready to take on the rest of Sasha Fierce’s discography!

It was a blast, pure and simple. But why write a blog about it?

Well, first off, it’s Beyography – you gotta brag about it!

And secondly, sometimes a girl just has to have fun! Instead of worrying about the calories burned, proper postures or intensity levels like in other classes I’ve done on this journey, Beyography was something new. It was a class that offered change of pace and was something completely out of my regular routine. It was refreshing!

Moral of the story is: get out there Torontonians! Ditch the gym and try a brand new way to get a sweat on, whether it’s Beyography or a pole-dancing class or an adult jungle gym. There’s so many options out there for those willing to try, so why limit yourself?!

Happy dancing, friends!

p.s. in case you forgot just how good Destiny’s Child was, here’s a blast from the past:

(Video Courtesy: DestinysChildVEVO)

(Feature Image Courtesy: Fit In The Six / Meghann Cox)


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