Get Dynamic at BarreWorks

I’ve always heard about Barre classes – in the lululemon circles, from friends at the gym or on fitness websites – I just never thought it was for me.

Well, after my visit to the wonderful BarreWorks in Queen Street West, I know now that this is workout is totally for me!

A common misconception about barre classes is a ballet-focused fitness class that requires you to be incredibly flexible or a former dancer.

This could not be further from the truth!

As a gracefully-challenged hockey player, I went into the Barreworks Mixed Level class a bit nervous – but I was beyond pleasantly surprised! My instructor Rachel was incredibly welcoming and helpful and made sure that I had all the gear I would need for the class – a mat, weighed handballs, pilates ball and resistance band. And then we were underway!

The hour-long class hit every single muscle group through dynamic movements – squats, lunges, bicep curls, you name it! Using all the gear and relying on the bar for support, my legs and arms were getting one heck of a workout. I even found myself adding a little ballet flare to my work at the bar!

To break up the dynamic strength sets, Rachel led the class through some cardio segments with a little choreography – very fun!

Truth be told, I think I found my new favourite class! I truly enjoyed this class – not only was it fun, but it worked all the muscle groups and I felt the results of my workout right away. It was an excellent way to break out of the same ol’ gym workout, but still get sweating.

Not only will I be going back, but I booked my next class immediately after taking the Barreworks Mixed Levels class. My plan is to do this class a few more times before branching out to take the more specialized classes – DripBarre (more cardio) and BAAAre (more strength). I can’t wait!!

Want to know more about Barreworks? Check this out:

Barreworks: leaner • longer • stronger from Barreworks Inc. on Vimeo.


(Feature Image courtesy: Fit In The Six / Meghann Cox)


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