In this fast-paced city, it’s no easy feat to put time aside for exercising and making healthy choices – let alone figure out what fitness or nutrition fad works best. Well struggle no longer my friend – Fit in the Six has got you covered!

From aerial yoga to beginner dance classes to spin classes, farm-to-table dining and fitness gadgets, Fit in the Six gives readers an in-depth look at what makes Toronto’s fitness and health culture tick. Breaking down the pros and cons of the latest fitness fads, this blog will explore the many ways Torontonians can get moving and healthy in the GTA.

As the concepts of health and fitness applies to more just what happens in the gym, Fit in the Six will also take a look at important topics in maintaining a “fit” mind, body and soul, such as sleep habits, mental health and clean living – just to name a few.

Fit in the Six is here to educate  Torontonians of all walks to life –  to inspire, encourage and motivate everyone to get moving and healthy in their own unique way.


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